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Forrige Neste
Torsdag 18.03.2010 fra kl 21:30 til 23:30 på Dockside

Araya Heep

Araya Heep

The Viking scream Solli has reformed his original band from 1981-1985, Araya Heep, playing material from his more famous bands Sons of Angels, Psycho Motel (feat. Adrian Smith) and 21 Guns (feat. Scott Gorham)!

Named after guitarist Ramon Araya and his sister keyboardplayer Elisabeth Araya, the band Araya Heep - never to the day playing any songs of Uriah Heep! - was regarded as one of the most exciting and promising rock acts along the west coast of Norway in the early eighties. Residing in the small town of Molde, the undoubtly talents of the band was never to be discovered by the record companies as the band never played in Oslo nor ever bother sending them a demo. Solli states about the matter: - I consider it just a coincidence me being the only member of this band making a professional carrier out of music.

After a break of 24 years the band reformed in 2009 with the trio of original members Solli on vocals, Ramon Araya on guitar and Fredrik Nilsen on bass. Throughout the years Araya and Nilsen have kept on playing together being crucial members of bands like Made In Japan and Mølde. New members of the 2009-lineup include lead guitarist Torbjørn Lund and drummer Hans Ove Blø, both recruited from locally acclaimed Pornflakes. The love of hard rock music, the enthusiasm of playing together again and the feedback from the gigs so far has lead to the thought that this could be more than “just a fun thing”. This band is a well kept secret and is ready to give any fan of hard rock a huge surprise!

Araya Heep 2009:
Solli - vocals
Ramon Araya – guitars /vocals
Torbjørn Lund – guitars /vocals
Fredrik Nilsen – bass
Hans Ove Blø – drums

Discography - Solli:
Sons of Angel – “Sons of Angels”, Atlantic Records 1990 (Worldwide)
Psycho Motel – “State of Mind”, Castle Communications/JVC 1996 (Europe/Japan)
21 Guns - “Nothing’s Real”, JVC 1997 (Japan)
21 Guns – “Nothing's Real, Z Records 2000 (Europe) – re-release with 2 extra tracks
Solli – “The Fool”, MTG Prod 2000 (Norway/Belgium)
Sons of Angels – “Slumber With The Lion” Z Records 2002 (Worldwide)
Greenhouze – “Greenhouze”, MTM 2005 (Worldwide)
Psycho Motel – “State of Mind”, Sanctuary 2007 - re-release with 2 extra tracks.

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